Delivery in Damansara

Epic Fit Meal

Innovative Fitness Meal Delivery

Delivery in 45 Mins. (11am-11pm, 7 days a week)


Pre-order healthy food delivery

Healthy food delivery service focused on gradually refining Malaysias' food palette

Healthy Lunch Box Delivery

Salad-based lunchbox delivery service (Order before 10 am)

Mammam Deliveries

Local Malaysian Dishes

Delivery service for local Malaysia food (7 days 10am-9pm), Delivery time 90 mins. 

Dah Makan

Lunch & Dinner Delivery (Mon-Fri)

Healthy Food Delivery in KL


Lunch Delivery (Mon-Fri)

Enjoy your balanced meals cooked and delivered to your office.

The Naked Lunchbox

Healthy & Balanced Lunch Box Delivery

Delivery available in most of the Klang Valley area.

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WeDapao – Online Ordering Reservation & Food Delivery from Restaurants To Your doorstep


WeDapao food delivery started in July, 2016 and strive to bring the best experience of online ordering and delivery to restaurants & our customers in Malaysia. Starting from partnering up with a unique restaurant – Village Park Restaurant, WeDapao has been famous for delivering the best food (Nasi Lemak) in Klang Valley. Customers in Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jay enjoy a long-distance delivery without going out. Nowadays, WeDapao includes more restaurants’ menu online and provide delivery service for F&B industry such as cooked food, groceries, drinks etc.

Digitalized Cities – Website & Application Ordering in Malaysia


Our delivery service covers the major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Damansara, and many more major towns in Malaysia. Customers are able to order lunch & dinner online & have the meal delivered to their house & office. With the online website & application ordering function,  WeDapao believe these would improve the food ordering & delivery process for Malaysians.

Online Order Food Delivery Culture in Malaysia

Every food delivery strives to be the best in their town. One of the good food deliveries will be one who connects people with the best local restaurants nearby. Generally, the more cities and restaurants included in the deliveries will be beneficial for the companies as this gives more choices for the customers to pick from and users will be encouraged to use the service again as they have more opportunities to try other food. Delivering drinks will also be a value added service to the company for the customers because there is a demand for drinks delivery but bear in mind that delivering drinks is difficult and it is something that can be pondered upon to improve on.

Although enlisting many restaurants will be beneficial for the food delivery companies, they should also enable customers to search and filter restaurants to enable easier food browsing. Also, enabling everything online, they should be able to put some extra notes to their order or their personal customization. Customers should also be able to choose to pay upon delivery or by online payment. Customers should also be allowed to pre-order their food ahead as this will give the restaurants some time to prep the meals.

Food delivery companies can also do marketing by offering discounts or free deliveries to customers. Encouraging customers to sign up for newsletter to receive the latest updates and offers by giving out discounts or promotional codes will also be a good strategy for the food delivery companies. By doing so, customers will be prompted to order and they get to enjoy delicious meals from their favorite restaurant within their budget.